Mr. Steven McKowen

Steve McKowen at Jerry Grogg Auctioneers & Real Estate

Steven McKowen

Steven McKowen enjoys his involvement with Jerry Grogg Inc. McKowen went to the famous Repperts School of Auctioneering in Auburn Indiana and was a member of it 200th class in 2004.  He earned his license in an accelerated Real Estate Licensing Course (RECP) in Indianapolis in 2005. He has been the owner of Foltz Bakery for over 28 years, as well as being a Certified Master Baker and owner of his own auctioneer and real estate company for over 17 years in LaGrange. McKowen sells weekly in Shipshewana, Indiana at the Trading Place of America Antique and Miscellaneous Barn.  He was general manager of the LaGrange Auto Auction for several years. He likes to sell automobiles and has also helped to sell many thousands of vehicles in Chicago Tinley Park Manheim using the Auction method. McKowen is also a Certified Estate Specialist, earning that designation from the Indiana Auctioneers Association, which gives him the specialty skill of helping in estate matters for clients. His experience lends to helping clients in the areas of Real Estate, Personal Property, Multi-Parcel Land Auctions, Residential and Farm Auctions, Recreational, and Lake Property specialty auctions. McKowen is also very versed in the Commercial Real Estate market and has helped clients buy and sell businesses. McKowen serves on LaGrange County Council, helping to be a good steward to the taxpaying citizens of the county.

His wife, Amy McKowen, is an integral part of anything he does to help clients in these fields. The couple live near Adams Lake in Wolcottville with three children: Conner, Kimberly, and Caitlyn. He credits the success of his life to his family and friends that he loves dearly.